Regional preparatory meetings for the 2017 COPs

The objective of the regional preparatory meetings is to contribute to successful meetings of the conferences of the Parties (COPs) in 2017 by giving regions the possibility to consult each other in advance of the COPs, consider meeting documents, discuss substantive matters, identify regional priorities and challenges, and facilitate the preparation of regional positions.

In order to assist parties in preparing for the back-to-back meetings, the conferences of the Parties in 2015 requested the Executive Secretary to support, within available resources, regional meetings to assist regional preparatory processes, coordinated with other regional meetings (decisions BC-12/23, RC-7/13 and SC-7/31). The regional preparatory meetings for the 2017 COPs will be held in a similar manner as the 2015 meetings.

The dates, venues and organizers of the meetings are as follows:

These preparatory meetings are being organized in close cooperation with the bureaux members of the concerned regions. The programmes of the meetings  have been developed in close consultation with the bureaux members; logistical preparations with the organizers are ongoing. Further information on the regional preparatory meetings, as they become available, will be posted on this web section.

A generous financial contribution has been received from Switzerland for all four meetings.

All four meetings are being organized in close cooperation with the interim Secretariat of the Minamata Convention and will discuss relevant issues of common interest to the four conventions. Additionally, the interim Secretariat of the Minamata Convention is organizing working sessions back-to-back with the regional preparatory meetings of 1-day duration in the Africa and the Central and Eastern Europe regions, and 2-days duration in the Asia-Pacific and the Latin American and Caribbean regions, to address regional specific issues related to ratification and early implementation of the Minamata Convention (e.g. artisanal and small-scale gold mining, contaminated sites, etc.).

Observers wishing to participate in these meetings should contact the Secretariat as follows: for the Asia-Pacific region, Ms. Kei Ohno Woodall (email:; Tel: +41 22 917 82 01); for the Africa region, Ms. Marylene Beau (email:, Tel: +41 22 917 83 87), for the Central and Eastern Europe region, Mr. Alain Wittig (email:, Tel: +41 22 917 82 27), and for the Latin America and the Caribbean, Ms. Francesca Cenni (email:, Tel: +41 22 917 83 64). The deadline for registrations for observers is 31 January 2017.